All of our clients invest 20% of gross revenue on a monthly basis with Abodence.   We do not charge different commissions to different clients.  We find this consistency and transparency is important to building the foundation of the relationship between investor and property manager.

We are a full time agency that discusses with each homeowner on their goals.

Not at this time. We are a full service property management company.

Our main office is based out of Sarasota, Florida.  However we service most areas in Florida with our partners and staff in those markets.

Yes we offer 24/7 service and address emergency issues.

No. We do have relationships with the best companies who follow high standard protocols to clean laundry. This allows us to be focused on property management.

Yes. Many homeowners have found this to be painful and we want to create a good experience. The amount varies in each area. 

Homeowners get paid electronically by the 15th of each month for the previous month’s income.

No. We are very transparent and don’t believe in nickel and diming our customers. 

We like to onboard with our proprietary streamlined onboarding systems as quickly as possible. The average timeframe is 4 to 7 calendar days. 

You will open to receive reservations when your property is onboarded and live online. There are many factors on how quick you will see a reservation. Some of the factors are time of year, price, location, etc. We have seen some homes with multiple bookings within an hour of being listed.

We want you to stay with us as long as you are happy. We don’t believe in forced commitments that are unfulfilling on either side.

We will allow you to move reservations. All we ask is that you pay for our marketing fees on the property.

This depends on each property. If the property is fully cleaned with our standards and compatible locks there is zero investment.

We only have a $500 deposit in reserve that is utilized for any repairs or emergencies on the property that are $500 or less.

We are located at 1945 17th St Sarasota FL 34234

We have received requests regarding pricing and how to stage a home to maximize profits. Currently we provide comps to get an idea on how much revenue you can bring in. We also have a team for hire if we discover your home needs an extensive design consultation to maximize profits.

Currently we are in Florida. We do have a waitlist for other states. 

We do pay $500 referral fees to licensed brokers after 90 days of bookings on the property. We also like to say thank you to our raving fans with gift cards.  

We want to make this the best experience for you. We take care of the guests. We have a team of support 24/7 so you don’t have to worry about middle of the night calls.

Yes. If one is not possible we can discuss obtaining a lock box. 

The lock we suggest for everyone is Schlage Encode. The cost for the lock and set up is $350.

If the home is vacant for 30 days or longer we will conduct a home check. Our home check involves more than just seeing if the home is fine visually. We double check the water, electricity, appliances, cleanliness, and more. We also provide a clean touch up that is half the cost of a regular clean. 

The only cost is for the cleaning of the home.

 We create an action plan with each homeowner on how to be prepared in case of a hurricane.

There are damage waivers in place that the guest or you can pay. Ask your onboard specialist for more information

We strongly suggest a deep clean once a year or as needed. Some homes on the beach or a pool house require extra attention and love. 

The cost varies with home size.  Average is $250.

It is our team of leaders and their experience. You can learn more here.

Yes. We require at least liability.

We do have a linen program.

We have a full system that offers photos, video, social media, and multiple booking channels. 

You can or we can. If you order them you have the rights to the photos. 

That is up to the homeowner.

We have vetted home stagers and selected the right ones to maximize profits on your home.

This is a case by case situation.

We invest in tools to watch the market rate on a home and maximize profits. 

You will have access to a secured portal to view all bookings. 

We look at comps based on low demand time verses high demand time.

There is a bi-annual audit on each of our homes.

We do have a checklist for inventory. 

Yes, we have systems in place to do so before every guest arrives.

We do require homeowners to submit permits and be compliant with the local city and county rules.

Yes, we provide those at no cost to the homeowner. We want everyone to enter the home with a smile on their face.

We have vetted people and are able to connect you with the right people. Charges may apply.

We have a system in place that your Business Relationship Manager will assist with. 

We provide soap, shampoo,conditioner, toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, tea, dish soap, sponges, garbage sacks, and popcorn. 

You will be paid via direct deposit.

Yes, you can login and view your account online via our secure portal.

You are responsible to take care of the pool, ac maintenance, pest control, landline, tree trim,utilities, internet, and pay for all repairs.

We have a checklist and happy to provide it to you.

We don’t allow cameras inside. There are no cameras allowed to view the pool or where people congregate. You can have a video doorbell to face the street, cameras on the side of the house or to face a boat.

We have a vendor list of companies that we have worked with. If there is a vendor you prefer you can advise during the onboarding process. 

We strive to deliver the best for homeowners and guests. We have been homeowners and guests.

Office hours are Monday to Friday 8-6 PM EST.

The best way is to chat here on our website.

Yes, we have a full system in place with checklists and people to double inspect the cleaning of a home. 

Check in is 4 PM EST and check out is 10 AM EST.

We currently are unable to offer this due to our cleaning standards and check in process of the home.

Our company evaluates your property and will deliver data for you. When we manage your property we analyze it on a daily basis.

There are a variety of costs such as lodging tax, housekeeping, booking, and channel fees.

Each home varies. Some are two nights, and others are thirty night minimum or more.

People who said yes to receive updates will be kept in the know.

All photos are listed online. We are able to accommodate case by case to see a home in person for an additional fee

Yes. We are delighted to see all the happy guests. You can view them here and our booking channels

Each property has a check out at 10 am and check in at 4 pm.

No smoking or parties are pemitted. Quiet time is 10 pm to 8 am unless otherwise noted.

The preferred method is the message board where you booked from. Alternative is support@abodence.com

We have a long list of fun activities that is sent upon you booking with us.

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